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Leadership development of parents and young people from our constituency

We build a base of members and supports from our constituency and their allies.

Our parents and youth lead campaigns for policy/budget change.

We keep our eyes on the system.

We engage voters strategically.

It’s not just the kids who get kicked out who are affected by the criminalization of students. Cops and security guards on our campuses, dress codes, random searchers, cop cars parked outside waiting for us when we get out, locked gates and mental detectors, and every day harassment and profiling means we are ALL affected. Some kids are afraid to come to school or have dropped out just because of harassment. We deserve better. —Andrea

The ideal for our urban schools is not the absence of problems; it is raising our youth with the ability to deal with them. Any actions we take to remediate problems our youth face each day should teach and empower youth to direct the course of theirs lives. If we as educators and leaders, are here for them, then our practices should serve them, not suspend their education. —Michael Britt, Teacher

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Call for action.

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